Opening - 10H

Invited Film


Brazil, Sérgio Moriconi, 1997

A photographer unveils the work of the important artist of Brasilia Athos Bulcão, while a group of archaeologists looks for something in the heart of the cerrado. A Documentary with elements of fiction.

S1 - 15H

Planeta Fábrica

Brazil, Julia Zakia, 2019, 11`11

Planet Factory regards a singular hundred years hat factory that was completelyclosed and will be demolished. An old planet is being extinguished but a newone is being hatched. New inhabitants come to life.


India, Gaurav Puri, 2019, 20`14``

In recent years the Kolkata city (in India) has witnessed the collapse of bridges, Majerhat being the most recent. Set in the context of rapid urbanization, the film, titled “Abridged” examines the lives of various bridges, both over and under—how lives are organized around the bridge as a public space.

Reko City

Germany, JörnStaeger, 2017, 14`03``

An experimental documentation about the current tendency of reconstruction in the German cities.

The Sea Swells

Islamic Republic of Iran, Amir Gholami, 2018, 16`15``

The War is surrounding an old man’s life who lives in middle of the Sea. (world without land)

S2 - 17H

La Mujer Nueva York

Chile, Martin Pizarro Veglia, 2018, 02`38``

After a lot of workand savings, Isidora (27) achieves her dream of traveling to New York, but shelikes the city so much that she begins to transform into it.


Lebanon, Lea Najjar , 2018, 07`14``

“Iris” is an attempt at resisting the expropriation of Beirut’s open coastline returning the sea back to the fishermen and the local habitants of the Ras Beirut district. Through architecture, it materializes the threshold condition between two very distinct, yet concomitant entities: the dense city and the open sea. Waves transform the kinematic structure into an experience of place and to harvest energy for the fishermen community.

The Hive

Poland, Jeremi Skrodzki, 2018, 09`15``

A short documentary about a green enclave in the city center of Warsaw. Filmed on the 35mm tape.

Woodstock At Fifty: A Venue For The End Of The World 

Australia, Aidan Prewett, 2019, 49`36``

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, this film features extended interviews with original Woodstock performers, crew and high-profile commentators. Woodstock At 50 centers around the late ‘60’s crossover of music and politics and includes unseen 8mm footage from the Woodstock festival. Featuring Woodstock organizers Chip Monck & John Morris, Michael Shrieve (Santana), Joe McDonald (Country Joe & the Fish), Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), D.A. Pennebaker (Monterey Pop), Dick Cavett, and many others.

S3 - 19H

Cine Passeio

Brazil, Vitor Sawaf, 2018, 21`59``

The documentary deals with the construction of a new street cinema in Curitiba. Through interviews with the architects of the project, withthe professional responsible for the cinema equipment and, mainly, with the menwho work in the renovation, we seek a discussion about who to and from the space is due.

Central Bus Station 

Czech Republic, Tomáš Elšík, 78`

The architects' plans for Central Bus Station to swallow visitors has turned into an endless maze of corridors. Once a gift to the citizens of Tel Aviv now serves to the immigrants. Yonathan has been a guide there for 17 years and is able to show the other side of the station's significance to those who walk with him. Yonathan knows that the purpose of going down to the building is to find not only himself, but also a society that harbours its values, protects its original traditions and wants to defend its home.



Chile, 2019, 10`40``

A tunnel with more than 100 years of history has been left to the inclemency of nature, leaving a corpse of a time where coal mining connected the coast with the national railway. It is a strange space in a small curve in the center absolute darkness is generated. Recording its imperishable sounds and percussing with machinic devices, the artists generate the opening to new sensations lacking heat and light but full of sounds, in an environment conquered by nature and embraced by time.


Japan, Michael Lyons, 2018, 01`30``

A poetic look at a Porto skylight filmed over three days using three different Super 8 film stocks. One of the stocks is decades-old Kodachrome, hand-developed using coffee and vitamin C.

Là est la Maison /

Here is The House  

France, Lo Thivolle, Victor De Las Heras, 2017, 13`

From without nothing can be seen, Inside everything can be heard, In the distance the paths do narrow, While nearby prospects break open.

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