S4 - 15H

First Turn on the Left/La Premiere à Gauche 

Tunisia, Jhimi Wajdi, 2018, 09`10``

Jalel gets lost in the street in which he has seen the light. A paradox filled with a loss that hasn't stopped growing over the years.

La Via Divina / The Divine Way

Germany, Ilaria Di Carlo, 2018, 15`

Loosely based on Dante’s Divine Comedy, The Divine Way takes the viewer into the protagonist’s epic descent through an endless labyrinth of staircases. As the woman journey deeper, the staircases transform and she is trapped and pulled into their dangerous landscape.

Cabeça de Rua

Brazil, Angélica Lourenço, 14`37``

Celia receives a work proposal in a store after years as a car washer. On her last day on the street, she has to teach the work to her cousin, while dealing with her insecurity towards her new professional challenge.

The Pit 

Turkey, Muhammed Furkan Altınkaynak, 2018, 11`10``

A woman who is living in a bathroom. She has a story, she wants to run away from it. But. Eyes are watching on her.

S5 - 17H

Sombras Envolventes 

Ecuador, Michael Lojano, 2019, 15`

Patrimonial houses in downtown Guayaquil are places full of stories. This documentary is the memory of three houses, condensed in the corners of a single universe.

Até Onde Pode Chegar Um Filme De Família 

Brazil, Rodolfo Junqueira Fonseca, 2018, 75`

2018, 75`

“Reminscence” (1909-26) is a family movie of Aristides Junqueira´s own family, archive from Brazilian film libraries. This movie shows unknown stories and points of view about, like a film essay with archives, family scenes, film footage, interviews and voice over, in order to show a biography of a pioneer of the Brazilian Cinema

S6 - 19H

Astana, The City of The Future? 

France, Laurier Fourniau, 2019, 28`28``

In northern Kazakhstan, Astana is one of the youngest capitals in the world. Built almost ex-nihilo, as some sort of high-tech urban oasis, it is surrounded by thousands of acres of unsanitary marshy steppe, infested with mosquitoes during the summer, battered by the arctic winds in winter with temperatures that can drop to -40 °. Toy of the sultan president, the city reflects the very imprint of its creator. It is also subject to various forces, which are all factors of urbanization: conscious and unconscious nomadic reminiscences, old fantasy of the great oasis of the Central Asian silk route, ambivalence of urban models, Soviet past, geopolitical influences of neighbors like Russia, China or investors from Golf countries etc. At a time when the city has just been renamed "Nursultan", name of the former leader who resigned, this documentary film questions the urban scenography of the young capital of Kazakhstan. He interweaves the words and wanderings of the directors in the city, looking for keys to understand this complex equation.

Flying Monks Temple 

Latvia, Žanete Skarule, 2018, 56`

 A dreamer by nature, Quanqi Zhu decides to set up a unique installation at the hillside of Sacred Songshan mountain in China. Despite the language barrier, his best companion is Latvian architect Austris Mailitis. As the building of the object begins, the creators themselves have to levitate between cultural differences, conventions and personal ambitions.


I Don't See Deer 

Greece, Stella Mastorosteriou, Danai Tombrou, 2018, 06`08``

“I Don’t See Deer” is a choreographic study of the interrelations between the body and urban space. Creating ephemeral site-specific images that play with the boundary between the familiar and the unfamiliar, it attempts to highlight an alternative journey in the urban space, discovering more playful ways of being in / thinking about the city.


Italy, Salvatore Insana, 2019, 13`20``

“Aporia” is the first result of our research on hesitation as psycho-physical condition and as an attitude that opposes the arrogance of always knowing where to go / what to do / what to say. The aporia (ἀπορία), a concept dear to Greek philosophy, indicates the impossibility of giving a precise answer to a problem.


Portugal, Ana Ruivo, Carolina Leal, Cristiano Alves, Esra Arslan, 2019, 6`

Documentary about the life of those who remain in the Porto’s Metro, with the janitors as main characters, which show the Souto de Moura’s architecture with another perspective. 

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