S10 - 15H

Hotel Laide 

Brazil, Débora Diniz, 2017, 25'

“Hotel Laide” was one of the social hotels of the extinguished policies of harm reduction for crack users from the biggest crackland of Latin America, located in São Paulo. The documentary follows up the arrival at the hotel of Angelica, a young woman who had lived on the street from 7 to 23 years old, when she met Laide, Brenda and Maria Paula. More than a survival story, the film bears witness to the importance of harm reduction policies.

There Was A Country

Turkey, Hebun Polat, 2018, 03`57``

The story of an old woman and her grandchild after the war.


Lebanon, Feyrouz Serhal, 2017, 25`

The football World Cup kicks off today and the people of Beirut are eager for the big awaited event. While life moves on normally in such a day, the signal of the first match seems to be disrupted by strange audio waves. The frustration in the air builds up giving way to a bigger live event.

Today Might Be the Last Day I See Your Face 

Portugal, Vasco Mendes, 2019, 06`

Exploring the subject of smoke pollution around the world, a journey into the future of the city that doesn't sleep, a moment before it disappears in the mist.

S11 - 17H

Da Curva Pra Cá 

Brazil, João Oliveira, 2018, 19`

They say that when you are dreaming, the only way to find out if it is a dream is to turn on the light.

The Invisible Streets

United Kingdom, Joe Gilbert, 2017, 12`43``

In 2015, after years of campaigning and multiple attempts, Robin Hood Gardens estate in East London was rejected listing. The same year, I made a documentary about the estate to capture it on film before it was gone forever. In 2017, demolition began. I returned to film the slow destruction.

Niemeyer 4 Ever

Lebanon, Nicolas Khoury, 2018, 30`

“Niemeyer 4 Ever” draws the poignant picture of the Tripoli Rachid Karame International Fair; the “ghost town” composed of a hundred and ten thousand square meters of structures; erected on a one million square meters of terrain; engulfed by bitter souvenirs and dead silence. It never reached the objective for which it was conceived by Oscar Niemeyer, the builder of Brasilia, worldwide celebrated and icon of modern architecture.

Le Case Che Eravamo / The Houses We Were

Italy, Arianna Lodeserto, 2018, 18`

The first 50 years of the Low-Income Housing Institute created a veritable city within a city to deal with what has been and still remains the main and persistent problem of Rome: housing. But what is this city made of? Who gets left out?
The archives respond. The archives reassert.



Portugal, Lucas Martins, 2017, 02`

The breakwater of Foz do Douro is an organic structure that both connects and separates the Atlantic Ocean and the Douro River. Shaped to challenge the forces of nature and allow human interaction, its concrete forms are constantly shifting in a never-ending dialog between light and shadow. Both an extension and a limit for the city of Porto, where time and memory are reinforced by the brutality and gentleness of the elements, the breakwater of the Foz do Douro is a powerful place to manifest continuity, closure, confrontation and silence.


Turkey, Mehmet Yavuz Çakar, 2019, 04`

As some people destroy our nature for the sake of money and unearned income, we will forget the smell of the soil after rain. There is now a smell of concrete after rain.


Argentina, Paula Dreyer, Gabily Anadón, 2017, 03`37``

This production is a tribute to the women who wash her clothes in the public laundries near to the Paraná River in the city of Posadas Misiones Argentina. This place was a big water tank where a lot off women congregate to wash and meet, now its represents the memory of that.

The Inhabitant

Argentina, Diego Mandelman, 2019, 05`20``

The last inhabitant of a town, flooded and in ruins, takes refuge in his memory and in the memories that still persist in it.


Casa de Praia 

Brazil, Duda Affonso, 2018, 16'

Brasilia is a desert. The heat, idleness, and melancholy of its youth take over the empty city. Mazé wakes up in a strange place in a future that could be tomorrow or a day that could never have existed. She is invited to the beach. And goes.

Riscados pela Memória 

Brazil, Alex Vidigal, 2018, 20'

A lonely, bitter old lord, owner of a used records store is surprised by a purchase of second-hand LPs, discovering from the vinyl records that they belonged to his old passion. These records, soundtracks of his life, play in his memories, memories of the love relationship, bringing peace to his heart. Music (or the simple contact with the Long Play) leads to an immersion in the reminiscences of the characters and hence, it arouses his feelings.

À Margem do Universo

Brazil, Tiago Esmeraldo, 2017, 18'

Two aliens disembark on Earth for an alleged space inquiry, but actually, who is being observed and studied are them. Finally, they will have a big surprise.

O Corpo e a Cidade Modernista 

Brazil, Pedro Rodolpho, 2018, 39'

Brasilia's legacy of modernist utopia appeals international interest and generates ambivalent feelings between city dwellers and visitors. “O Corpo e a Cidade Modernista” explores the different levels at which urbanism influences the affective relationship of inhabitants with the city, the dynamics of interpersonal relationships and the occupation of their public spaces.


Brazil, Gabriela Gaia Meirelles, Tainá Medina, 2019, 15'

“Afeto” is an experimental short film about architecture, memory and female occupation of the urban space. The film stitches archival images, observational records and performances, debating the impartiality of urban planning and women's social role in building cities. Its narrative mixes sci-fi, horror and documentary language to speak of a ghost town where denouncing memory is the first step in recreating it.

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