S12 - 15:30H


Argentina, Joaquín Ortiz, 2018, 07`31``

In a monochromatic three-dimensional futuristic city, two-dimensional caricature beings live, that march guarded by surveillance cameras and drones. One of them, “Bug”, will seek to overcome all the obstacles in order to find out a transcendent discovery. “Bug” is a short film that, without a single spoken word, talks about reality and virtuality, power and poetry, uniformity and imagination, going through the multiple dimensions of contemporary life.

Give Back the Silent Spring 

Turkey, Zeynep Üstünipek, Burak Kum, 2018, 03`00``

"We still talk in terms of conquest. We still haven't become mature enough to think of ourselves as only a tiny part of a vast and incredible universe. Man's attitude toward nature is today critically important simply because we have now acquired a fateful power to alter and destroy nature. But man is a part of nature, and his war against nature is inevitably a war against himself." environmental activist and hero Rachel Carson.

Água Mole 

Portugal, Alexandra Ramires (Xá), 2017, 09`15``

The last inhabitants of a village do not allow themselves to be submerged in oblivion. In a world where the idea of progress seems to be above all, this house floats.

S13 - 16H

Dreaming Squares 

Ireland, Paddy Cahill, Shane O'Toole, 2018, 15`

Dr Ronnie Tallon was the most prolific architect in 20-century Ireland, and one of its most discerning. His influences came from East and West, from Kyoto to Chicago, from Katsura Rikyu to Lake Shore Drive, by way of Max Bill in Central Europe. He had the ability to make a bored schoolboy's theorem exhilarating, and he kept that geometrical magic alive in his work for 80 years.  In this short documentary, filmed shortly before his death, Ronnie talks about his masterwork, the former Carroll's cigarette factory in Dundalk - now, half a century later, an Institute of Technology - and why he loved the square for its infinite divisibility in half.


Austria, Karl-Heinz Klopf, 18`

Testa supplements Karl-Heinz Klopf´s distinguished film portfolio of architectural portraits with yet another premier structure, namely Argentina´s National Public Library designed by Clorindo Testa. This mega structure made of concrete already constituted an anachronism back at the time of its opening in 1995: Its design dated back to 1961 but construction only first began in 1973. And so it is that this piece of convoluted architecture exudes an atmosphere thick with a sense of different eras. Seen from a Latin American perspective it represents an example of "Brutalism with an Argentinian accent", while for many interested Europeans it realizes the bold dream of an inspired, exemplary late modernist architecture.

Alis Ubbo

Portugal, Paulo Abreu, 2018, 60`

After the crisis, tourism and Lisbon's transformation came. “Alis Ubbo” (Phoenician for safe port) follows, with some irony, the change in the urban landscape of the city in the last two years.

S14 - 18H

Primeiro de Novembro 

Portugal, Yuri Pirondi, 2017, 06`36``

1st of November, All Saints’ Day 1755 was the date of one of the deadliest earthquake in the world, followed by a tsunami and a fire, that completely destroyed the city of Lisbon. Seismology experts say a repeat of the 1755 Great Lisbon quake is overdue within this century. Through a cyclical story-telling, the mythological city of Ophiusa has reborn, where the memories of the ancient earthquake and the omens of the future one are linked through a stream of consciousness, past and future melt together in one dimension: a timeless present.


Germany, Aurelia Mihai, 2018, 18`46``

LUPA is a short film that investigates the sculpture portraying the Capitoline Wolf. Spread all over the world, this mythical symbol associated with the foundation of Rome is the most common non-serially produced monument. Refusing to be a passive symbol, the wolf herself narrates her own history.

Lugar Fósil

Argentina, Florencia Levy, 2019, 15`

Greenhouse gases emissions, oil spills, acid rain, the annihilation of animals: the catastrophe and its representation policies are not anonymous. Fossil Place builds a set on a dystopian narrative, based on different testimonies about environmental and economic phenomena of the last 40 years in different cities of China, creating an invisible layer of meaning and representation; inducing a stimulus to think that something urgent is happening.

Ars Longa Vita Brevis 

Italy, Riccardo Campaygna, 2018, 39`32``

Knowledge is vast, life is short. It is an assembly work that has as its object the use of symbols, in antiquity and today. From Syria, to Putin's Russia, to Trump's USA, the rich archive material builds a climax that sees the work of art and man as its protagonist, especially the contemporary one, highlighting sometimes grotesque implications.


Lá Vem o Dia

Portugal, Mercês Tomaz Gomes, 2018, 20'

She wakes up. He wakes up. She listens to music. He turns on the radio. She goes out to work. He works at home. They communicate, but they do not meet.

Tudo é Paisagem

Portugal, Duarte Natário, 2019, 56'

"Tudoé Paisagem" is a documentary that tells, from names like FranciscoCaldeira Cabral and António Viana Barreto, the story of the construction of aPortuguese landscape identity. Dealing with cases such as Porto's SerralvesPark, Eduardo VII Park, the Gulbenkian Foundation Gardens and the Belem Towerframing, the film seeks to explore the Landscape Architecture as a humanpractice that goes beyond understanding nature as a risk. It is proposed tothink of this variant of architecture as a practice, whose essence lies in thecreation of ethically, ecologically and aesthetically integrated humanizedlandscapes in nature; as well as an instrument for the solution of the badspatial planning.

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